Proposer makes it easy for anybody to create proposals and get funding from your community.

Creating a proposal

You can submit a proposal to an Initiative that is open for submissions. The left side of your proposal editor is a freeform markdown — a space for you to explore your ideas. Every time you create a new proposal, you’ll see the default guidelines. We recommend you follow them and add your own sections. The right panel asks for information that streamlines proposal approval and fund deployment.
Selecting a fund recipient
Paste the wallet address of the fund recipient. It could be you or someone else, depending on the proposal goal. For example, you may be vouching for a committed contributor to get funded. Once the proposal is approved, the Check will be generated for the selected wallet address.
Signing to submit
Upon submitting your proposal, you’re requested to provide a digital signature. A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents. It proves that you are the person submitting the proposal, not your neighbor, not Station Staff, or your other DAO colleagues.
Sharing your proposal
Increase your chance of success by sharing your proposal on the platform that your community and signers are most active on — Discord channels, Twitter, etc.

Proposal statuses

  • SUBMITTED: A proposal has been submitted; no approval
  • IN REVIEW: A proposal has been submitted; at least one approval; has not met the approval quorum
  • APPROVED: A proposal has been submitted; approval quorum is met

Cashing a check

Once the approval quorum has been met, a check will be generated to be cashed by the fund recipient of the proposal at their convenience.