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Welcome to Station.

What is Station?

From day one, Station has been committed to building products that transport a new class of workers to participate in the crypto economy. Proposals are a universal expression of intent for high-commitment, high-quality contribution to DAOs. They are the building blocks of an organization, the same way that legal agreements and databases form the scaffolding of a corporation. We set out to build a tool that empowers anybody to submit meaningful proposals and enables organizations to seamlessly manage their talent and project pipeline.

For DAOs, the current system presents a number of problems:

  • Operational inefficiency: Proposals often get lost in forums or Github repos. When decisions get made, there’s significant manual overhead to coordinate funding, decision-making, and communications. High-quality projects lose momentum by getting stuck in bureaucratic processes.

  • Lack of incentives for quality proposals: DAOs want more high-quality talent to contribute to their ecosystem, but there’s a lack of financial and social incentives for creating high-quality proposals.

  • Lack of accountability and feedback: Once funds get deployed, it’s difficult to hold the projects accountable for their progress. This is especially true when participants want to remain anonymous.

Contributors experience friction as well:

  • Opaque path to participation: The fragmentation of tools makes it difficult to know where it’s possible to create the most impact and which high-value initiatives to join.

  • High barrier to contribution: To quality-control, protocols and DAOs impose high economic barriers of entry and political, beaurocratic processes for participation, disincentivizing newcomers to submit ideas and showcase their talent.

  • Lack of accountability and feedback: Just as projects can take the funding and disappear, protocols can fail to deliver funding in time for contributors to act on their initiative.

We're not satisfied with the ways that people and ideas get fostered in DAOs, so we strive to build something much better.

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