Protocol DAO

Creating Projects

If you’re a protocol DAO, you want to engage a community of users, developers, and contributors to continuously build and engage with your protocol. Bulletin provides guidelines for your community to propose ways they want to add value. With Station’s Bulletin, you can easily fund and manage the status of incoming proposals in one place.

Deploying funding

Create a Checkbook to define the budget for each of your protocol DAO projects. For example, you can create one Checkbook for “community marketing” and another for “protocol improvement fund,” and assign decision-makers as signers for each allocated budget. This helps localize and parallelize funding to reduce operational friction.

Success metrics

We want to help you drive the success of your grants program by:
  • Increasing the quantity and diversity of protocol users
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of protocol developers
  • Driving new initiatives and projects
  • Attracting and retaining high-quality talent
  • Maximizing operational efficiency by localizing decision-making and streamlining review and funding