Creating Projects

After a successful NFT sale, you now have an avid group of NFT collectors looking to further engage with the community. Projects provide guidelines for your community to propose ways they want to add value — from designing NFT merch to building an iOS app for your NFT project.

Deploying funding

Create a Checkbook to define the budget for each of your DAO’s projects. For example, you can create a Checkbook for “merch marketing” and another one for “building an iOS app.” Give your passionate community members the power to collectively build the long-term future of your brand.

Success metrics

We want to help you drive the success of your grants program by:
  • Driving long-term value for your NFT collection with community-led projects
  • Driving new initiatives and projects
  • Attracting and retaining high-quality members and contributors
  • Maximizing operational efficiency by localizing decision-making and streamlining review and funding