Getting started

pOpening a Station

Note: Station for DAOs is currently in private beta. If you’re already on our waitlist, send us a DM on Twitter.
A Station is where community members propose, coordinate, and fund ideas. Follow these steps before launching to make sure your Station is ready to accept proposals and deploy funds.
If you’re an admin of your DAO’s Gnosis Safe, select the Safe address from the handle dropdown.
If your DAO doesn’t own a Safe, select a unique handle. You can update to a Safe address later in Station settings.

Creating your first Checkbook

Checkbook is a multi-signature wallet created for localized and parallelized DAO operations.
Create your first Checkbook by choosing a name (e.g., “Q3 2022 Grants”), filling in your signers’ wallet addresses, and selecting an approval quorum.

Creating your first project

Projects enable great talent to find the work that’s best for them. Create your first project by linking with a Checkbook, selecting a date to start accepting submissions, and outlining your DAO’s priorities and needs.